Working remotely as a junior developer

As a new developer, I’m looking forward to finding a good position as a junior developer. Being able to work under more experienced devs means that I’d be able to be part of projects I wouldn’t have access to if on my own. It also means that I’d be able to learn from others’ experience, whether it be new languages, more advanced techniques on languages I know, or more general development practices and processes.

That said, I live in Ithaca, NY with my wife. She has at least four years left in her doctorate, which means moving is not too much of an option. While Ithaca has more dev opportunities than most small towns, it’s not DC or New York City so remote working is something I’ll be considering.

While Laura Eck’s experience is more of being in-house then moving later, her presentation at RedDotRuby 2015 does give me a bit more hope that remote working as a junior dev might be possible.