Here's to blogging little things

There are lots of things that can be blogged about and yet, we are stuck in the dilemma of, – “Is it worth something to write?”. The fear of being insignificant aka “Nobody will read it” syndrome, inhibits us from writing that simple thing that might have helped many people.

In the spirit of this passage, and of starting late at night, I will make this quite short. Shubham Jain’s post, Blog Little Things is a great expression of the value in sharing. He starts the post with a testament to what StackOverflow’s treasure trove of small “posts” has done for the development community. That’s really in service of the greater point that even sharing little ideas, victories, techniques, sketches, whatever can mean more to others than you think.

I’ve tried to do this a few times here so far. A few of my posts are not greatly fleshed out essays, but basically what could be fit into a moderate twitter rant. Not many people will ever make use of them or even read them, but if one day someone is trying to extract urls from linked text in Excel into a separate column as I was one day, maybe I’ll be of use.

Personally, blogging little things importantly breaks me through that fear of insignificance that Jain referenced in the quote above. Writing helps you learn. Writing helps you remember and maybe even helps you build a community. Not writing does little but give you more time you probably wouldn’t have used as productively.

So here’s to blogging little things.