Howdy. I am a web developer and proponent of building efficient, accessible, and highly usable web experiences. Also a big fan of dry humor and dark beer.

I’ve always appreciated the power of the web, but took a roundabout way to becoming a developer. I’ve been a academic nerd in grad school, studying digital communications. After that I was a digital advocacy nerd, supporting a couple of great climate change and environmental organizations. Finally, I started focusing in on being a web development nerd, as a technical project manager then developer.

I’m constantly on the hunt to learn new things. Some of my favorite sources are Shop Talk Show, Responsive Design Weekly, A List Apart, and of course tweeters. My latest hobby outside the screen? Pottery 💥. Two mugs and several cylinders down.


I’ve enjoyed giving talks at my local web development Meetups.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in working together or simply discussing generally important or cool matters, send me a message at alex.bea@gmail.com. I’ll reply as soon as I’m able.

Favorite tools

Though I get a little better at resisting playing with all the latest shiny tools every day, I do enjoy a lot that others have created. Here are a bunch that I like and have used while working on this and other sites.

  • Coolors: Color palette inspiration for non-designers like me.
  • Sassmeister: My favorite preprocessor has a great side benefit of inspiring great tool names. This one is great for quickly testing Sass or creating demo code.
  • FillMurray: You can use your cats, dogs, bears, or grey squares for placeholder images. I’ll use Bill Murray’s sweet face.
  • Unsplash.it: When placeholder images need to be a bit more serious for client work, the photos from Unsplash are beautiful and versatile.