Alex Bea


No, Absolutely Not

What you need to build a great website is restraint. But! The problem with working on large-scale projects with hundreds of people is that saying “no” can be political suicide. Instead, you have to learn how to say it without sounding like a jerk. You need to educate everyone about performance...

TIL about using `this` in `onload`

This is a bit of a twofer. This came up in a post by Scott Jehl about simplifying asyncronous CSS loading. It seems like a bit of a hack, but the logic is really solid.

7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design

I’ve been doing a little dance with a URL over the last several months. I first found and read this article half way, inspired by the clarity and obvious benefits of the ideas. I added it to the Pocket reading list app to finish later, which I did, then I shared it with my team, then I couldn’t f...

My website no longer looks jacked up

My site does not look jacked up right now! A web developer’s website may never be truly “done,” but I’m calling this as done as it needs to be for a while. Not really, I’ll continue to tweak. But I’m feeling good about it!

Reviewing Wes Bos' Learn Node course

Despite having worked with and on the best Node.js CMS in the universe for over a year now, I’ve had trouble understanding the line where Node ended and ApostropheCMS began. I know Apostrophe well, but my understanding of Node was fairly limited. To remedy that, I picked up Wes Bos’ Learn Node co...