Alex Bea

7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design

Link: 7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design from Adam Wathan & Steve Schoger

I’ve been doing a little dance with a URL over the last several months. I first found and read this article half way, inspired by the clarity and obvious benefits of the ideas. I added it to the Pocket reading list app to finish later, which I did, then I shared it with my team, then I couldn’t find it when I went to reference it, then I found it, then I added it to Pocket again then I… You get it. This is ridiculous. To end this dance, it’s time to add it to my Link Post Article Hall of Fame™️.

As someone who really appreciates great webs design, but who ends up producing pretty boring web design on my own, the truly “practical tips” are excellent new tools to have in my toolbox.

For example, “use fewer borders.” Instead, the writers suggest background color and spacing to communicate separation. You end up with a cleaner look and easier reading. Also, “use color and weight to create hierarchy instead of size.” My experiment of starting over from browser defaults definitely encouraged me to keep using size for hierarchy, but in smaller components I know it can lead to a clunky look.

There are a few of ideas from it I’m planning to incorporate into my site here. I encourage you to also give it a read, especially if you’re a design-challenged developer. It may not change life or your design philosophy, but a few more good tools in your design tool box couldn’t hurt.