Alex Bea


Digital KonMari

As many friends and family of mine know, we went all in on Marie Kondo’s fantastic exercise in privilege, the Art of Tidying Up — aka the KonMari method. You may be familiar with the basic concepts:

Working Remotely

Over the summer my team at Singlebrook was merged into the Drupal development team at Minneapolis’ OriginEight. This has meant a few things, including going back to being full-on remote working.

Introducing Sass

I recently had the opportunity to present to our local web development Meetup group again. This time I gave an introduction to my favorite front end partner, Sass.

Thoughts on code refactoring

My favorite thing about web developer is the problem solving. As a kid who did logic puzzles all afternoon and then went on to have calculus be a favorite class, that’s been the clearest guiding light in my dev career so far. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise then how much I was looking forward ...

Practice saying no

It was really in my first job out of grad school when I learned what has become the most important and most difficult lesson for modern life. I think it was in one of my first performance reviews there at 1Sky. The review was positive overall, though my manager, our digital director, identified s...