Alex Bea

Web development projects

Always looking to do some learning and exploration on my own, I’ll start collecting some personal work here. Most will be open-source or otherwise free, so enjoy!

Philly Bike History 🚲

In later 2017, P’unk Avenue (my employer) designed a back end challenge for prospective Node developer candidates. We had a front end challenge to build a tic-tac-toe game, which I’d completed to get my job. To complete the set, and to exercise my Node, MongoDB, REST API, Vue.js, and Mocha skills, I decided to complete the back end challenge as well (some 16 months since already getting the job).

Put simply, the challenge was to create an app that would continuously gather both weather and Indego bike station data (the Philadelphia bike share system), then make it available via a new API. The final step was to add a Vue front end. I kept this very basic (frankly as I was ready to move onto other projects), but using the Vue wrapper for Chart.js was an interesting exercise as well. The full requirements are in the README file.

Check out the code on Github.

Localhost Swap

I do support on legacy websites every day. That often being asked to diagnose or change something that someone noticed on a specific page of a website–work that I do running a local version of the website. Most humans (like me before today) would click into the address bar, copy the URL path (the URL after the domain), and paste it after localhost:3000 or whatever port they might be using.

This human will no longer mess with that. I copied freshAddress and changed the function to instead return the same URL, but with http://localhost:3000 as the protocol and domain. Now you can do. Drag to bookmark bar (or otherwise bookmark it) and move on with your dev life (changing the port number as needed) 👉 Localhost Swap.


There’s no terribly good reason for this other than obsessiveness about saving clean URLs. When I save links from web development newsletters into my reading list app, I don’t want to save them with URL parameters the newsletters use (mainly for click tracking). I have been removing them manually, but I thought I could speed that up and create a learning opportunity by making a bookmarklet to do this for me.

So here it is! Drag this link into your bookmarks bar (or otherwise bookmark it) and click when you want to strip URL parameters 👉 freshAddress.