Alex Bea


My website no longer looks jacked up

My site does not look jacked up right now! A web developer’s website may never be truly “done,” but I’m calling this as done as it needs to be for a while. Not really, I’ll continue to tweak. But I’m feeling good about it!

Reviewing Wes Bos' Learn Node course

Despite having worked with and on the best Node.js CMS in the universe for over a year now, I’ve had trouble understanding the line where Node ended and ApostropheCMS began. I know Apostrophe well, but my understanding of Node was fairly limited. To remedy that, I picked up Wes Bos’ Learn Node co...

Why my website looks jacked up

My site looks jacked up right now. If you’re reading this in the future, picture… text. That’s all it is. Black system font on a white background. The only real styling to speak of is keeping the text from going so wide it becomes unreadable. Why’s this?

The Sliding Scale of Giving a Fuck

Yesterday afternoon, a bunch of us developers were finishing up work a little late in the office and were clearly a little punchy from calls, meetings, and staring at the screen all day. Someone (me) brought up a somewhat contentious enhancement/fix to ApostropheCMS and another dev started up abo...

Let’s Get Excited About Maintenance!

I started a post yesterday about my new role in web development, but it felt silly to write a pure life update post. That’s not really what I want this blog to be. Then this morning I read the NY Times opinion piece linked above. It directly compared the attention and excitement that “innovation”...