Alex Bea


Grid Garden

I’m a huge fan of the flexbox spec in CSS. Simply making vertical centering simple is worth the price of admission. That said, CSS Grid may be a bigger deal. In short, it makes CSS layouts a real practice in a way that has never really been the case before. In slightly less short, watch this 3+ m...

Interior decorating with the GitHub events API

Doing mostly Drupal and Wordpress CMS development I haven’t had too much need to work with APIs. Google Maps API has come up regularly, but it’s so robust and well documented that it can feel like cheating. In order to play with an API (and make this site a tad prettier in the process), I decided...

Pattern Lab with Github Pages

After tinkering with this personal portfolio site for a while more or less live, I recently decided to take the opportunity of full control to set up a style guide for a different kind of development. Since, as of today, this site is built with the static site generator Jekyll and hosted by Githu...

Responsive breakpoints naming by ergonomic context

Ask 20 front end developers what they like to name their responsive breakpoints and you’ll get… probably 10 or so answers. Most people use similar ones, but many of us like to switch it up. For me, I’ve landed on a system I like based on screen interaction context.

Digital KonMari

As many friends and family of mine know, we went all in on Marie Kondo’s fantastic exercise in privilege, the Art of Tidying Up — aka the KonMari method. You may be familiar with the basic concepts: