Alex Bea


The first web development interview

Originally written Friday, August 15, 2015 and not published until the interview process was completed. See the update at the end of the post for more.

Going pro

So much for blogging little things, eh? Normally I would emphatically ignore my blogging absence, since a) “sorry I haven’t been blogging” posts are the worst and b) approximately zero people will read this. In this case, it’s the perfect segue into what I want to talk about… assuming perfect seg...

Here's to blogging little things

There are lots of things that can be blogged about and yet, we are stuck in the dilemma of, – “Is it worth something to write?”. The fear of being insignificant aka “Nobody will read it” syndrome, inhibits us from writing that simple thing that might have helped many people. Shubham Jain, ...

My note to self

This post originally appeared as a submission to the New Organizing Institute’s Tip of the Day series. Now discontinued, the series offered daily tips by and for NOI’s community of progressive organizers. While framed here for advocacy organizers, I’ve continued to find this practice super valuab...